MarlinSpike has won the Gold medal at the 2018 Rum and Cachaça Master!

Written by:
Alex Darwazeh
March 14, 2018

We are proud to share MarlinSpike has won the Gold medal in the category super-premium Gold rums at the 2018 Rum and Cachaça Master.

About The Global Spirits Masters

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Launched in 2008, The Global Spirits Masters has continued to seek and reward excellence from across the world, encouraging recognition among consumers and trade for quality in spirits.

Judging for The Global Spirits Masters is divided into 18 separate competitions to ensure each spirit category is given the utmost attention by specialized judges. 

For the past decade, the Masters has sought to retain its individuality as the only blind spirits tasting competition to use carefully selected and completely independent judges, including experienced bartenders, spirits journalists, and spirits educators...

Entrants can rest assured that their product has been measured constructively and without bias by our panels of trained professionals.

The results of each competition are published within The Spirits Business magazine, which with its global circulation of 13,000 copies, guarantees that entrants’ medal wins are visible to a truly international and industry-focused audience. In addition, the results are also posted on, which attracts over 400,000 visitors from almost 150 countries on a monthly basis.



1. The judging process is conducted under strict conditions to ensure complete impartiality and the delivery of fair scores. The Global Spirits Masters is the only blind tasting competition to pride itself on using completely independent judges, free of any tie to particular brands. Judges are chosen according to their expertise in each category.

2. Products are assessed blind in numbered ISO glasses, which are poured with care at a distance from the judging area. Each entry is marked on appearance, aroma, palate and overall balance.

3. Entries are tasted alongside other examples in their category but are considered individually and on their own merit.

4. At the end of each competition, the Masters winners are tasted once more side-by-side to determine the Grand Spirits Master of that category.


About MarlinSpike: Rum, but not as you know it.

Pioneering new Horizons: The ultimate spirit to discover entirely new taste sensations.

MarlinSpike's atypical 888 HighSeas blend offers the unique combination of refreshing drinkability and the right flavour complexity; allowing consumers to experience an entirely new taste dimension, even when simply savoured over ice. The blend also lifts existing rum cocktails, allows for the creation of entirely new mixed drinks and unexpected pairing opportunities. The 888 HighSeas blend is even proved to have a superior tonic water aroma match versus any leading Gin.


About MSB-Spirits

MSB-Spirits is a Belgian start-up initially created by Alexander S. Darwazeh, a former senior executive of AB-InBev, and several co- founders including Judith van Gestel, expert in client key accounting and production. 

“We were very lucky to enlist some of the best product experts in the industry, to create what seemed impossible to achieve at first.” says Alex.