MarlinSpike, rum,
but not as You know it

Made from rare aged and mellow Latin American rums, MarlinSpike is a surprising blend that delivers a complex depth of flavour yet with a unique breath of freshness.

Our story

Once in a while, the stars line-up to create the perfect storm. The time had come to break with rum conventions and truly push the boundaries. It took us 3 years to craft our 888 HighSeas Blend. Substance before form is our credo, back-to-basic to be avant-garde. Guided by our principle A POSSE AD ESSE, we set out to make the impossible possible. Fortunately, we were able to enlist the support of some of the most prestigious and passionate blenders in the field, who tackled the challenge with relentless dedication and idealism.

Indeed, the challenge was nothing short of striving for the holy grail of the spirits industry: combining the refreshing drinkability of white spirits with range and depth of flavour typically associated with dark spirits.

The 888 HighSeas Blend

The aroma notes are of banana, green apple, rare tropical fruit, complex spices and only a hint of floral (rose and honey).

What sets this complex blend apart, is much stronger fruitiness, albeit with very little coconut flavour, much reduced floral aroma, a strong over-performance in vanilla and atypical woody tones; normally associated with fine Bourbon or single malts.


MarlinSpike teamed up with the Foodpairing company and its cutting-edge molecular analysis revealed the extent of its product superiority. The analyses clearly demonstrated that MarlinSpike dominates versus any major rum in tonic-water aroma match, and more importantly that even the world's top gin brands can't match its sensory appeal. In other words, MarlinSpike & tonic is a better match than any other major rum-tonic and gin-tonic drink. The molecular structure of MarlinSpike is constructed in a way to lift your spirits and enhance active exuberance. Mixing this golden liquid with tonic-water will present you a visual champagne-like experience. Here you can find out more on the science behind Foodpairing.

Foodpairing has developed a scientific method to identify which food products (ingredients, dishes, drinks etc.) go well together. The method is based on the principle that foods pair well with one another when they share key aroma components. Their online tool Foodpairing.com is designed to inspire chefs, bartenders, chocolatiers, pastry chefs and all other culinary creatives. It aids recipe design and provides new possible combinations, which are theoretically sound on the basis of their flavour. Discover here how to create a well-balanced recipe.

Versatility redefined

Our blend lifts any classic rum cocktail, and as rum over ice it is a natural refreshing alternative to single malts or bourbon. It also allows for the creation of new cocktails.

Next to premium tonic water, we also know that our blend pairs exceedingly well with natural ingredients such as Columbian Coffee, Darjeeling Tea, Conference pear, cloudy apple juice, or even triple abbey ale. The possibilities are endless. This versatility makes our 888 HighSeas blend the natural choice for bartenders wishing to set new standards in mixology.