The Ocean

MarlinSpike cares for our oceans

The Oceans cover more than 70% of the Earth's surface and are home to more than 700,000 species. The Oceans are vital to our planet and to human life: the currents control the world's weather and they generate half of the oxygen we breathe. The Oceans also give a lot of beauty, which we all enjoy when diving, sailing or relaxing at the sea front. They are now genuinely threatened by human kind. Global warming, overfishing and pollution are threatening the Oceans, leaving it increasingly agitated and empty. This needs to change.

We, the founders of MarlinSpike, decided to help restore the beauty and health of our Oceans for many generations to come, by supporting pro-actively the preservation of our blue planet.

For that reason, our company by-laws state that a fixed portion of our yearly profit is to be donated to a global non-profit organization dedicated to maintaining our Oceans. This to us is of-course good marketing practice, but not spin. We have made sure to have no choice in this matter, it is part of our legal DNA for eternity, period. Why not earn money and also make a real difference? We simply see no contradiction. To us it just makes good business sense.

We can proudly state:
With every MarlinSpike that you enjoy, you support our mission to conserve the Oceans.