MarlinSpike rum - now available in the Benelux!

Written by:
Alex Darwazeh
January 17, 2018

MarlinSpike rum, the ultimate spirit to discover entirely new taste sensations - now available in the Benelux!

 What an amazing start we had at Horecava, the leading trade fair of the Benelux. The response and interest was exciting and at the same time humbling.

Some impressions:

Ready for launch
Dr. James Espey seals the deal

We are pleased to share that we have already agreed a Benelux distribution partnership with - for trade purchase inquiries in The Netherlands please contact and for Belgium

‍The Owner of our 1st Benelux
Distribution Partner Flavors
of the World

‘’They are considered by the Horeca of the Netherlands as one of the leading partners for expert advice, and additionally run a barman training academy which includes a tasting room of well over 1.200 products to choose from. They really know their stuff, we could not have hoped for a better partner’’ says Judith van Gestel.

The online consumer sales portal for the Dutch market  already retails the brand, and MarlinSpike is now also available in Belgium online:

With immediate effect consumers can now order online and wholesalers and the retail can be supplied. Additional trade partnerships are in the making as we speak.

Barman inspired by MarlinSpike equals a variety of new cocktails

‘’The enthusiasm of the expert trade is exhilarating and confirms that quality pays. We are definitely on the right track and soon will update our website to display our growing on-trade universe and trading partners’’ says Alex Darwazeh.

‍Sir Eddy doing his

‍Lead Bartender Chris playing
with fire... and MarlinSpike!

About the Benelux B2B distribution company Flavors of the World:

About the Dutch and Belgian online consumer retailers, Bottle Business and Drankenwereld:      

Leading industry press such as Entree Magazine will cover our
launch and suggested to enter the annual design awards for
packaging excellence.

About MarlinSpike: blended aged rum, but not as you know it.

The age-old french word for knitting inspired the British Navy to name the expert nautical tool and dagger a MarlinSpike. It became a symbol of seaman proficiency, daring pioneer-ship, and because of it's controlled power and grace, even the marlin-fish. Inspired by the meaning of MarlinSpike, we set out to create the ultimate spirit to deliver refreshing drinkability, just right flavour, entirely new taste sensations and a range of mix-applications to date not seen before in one spirit.

To turn this aim into reality; our 888 HighSeas blend has been crafted of four aged and somewhat mysterious Latin American rums, known to experts for their divergent yet complimentary terroirs and excellence in rum making.

About MSB-Spirits

MSB-Spirits is a Belgian start-up initially created by Alexander S. Darwazeh, a former senior executive of AB-InBev, and several co-founders including Judith van Gestel, expert in client key accounting and production.

The initial founder Alexander Darwazeh, applied the critical consumer centric insights he gained when building Stella Artois to deliver MarlinSpike, a truly Blue Ocean brand proposition which could change the spirits industry dynamics. “I discovered that the rum category offers a very wide range of styles of product, with very flavourful types, produced in pot stills with more impact on flavour than any other spirit will ever give.

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About Horecava

Horecava is the leading food and drinks trade fair of The Netherlands for the on-trade industry. More than 65.000 trade professionals from over 40.000 companies, mainly from the Benelux region, are in search of new trends, products and services.

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