MarlinSpike has been appointed sponsorship partner of Antwerp Art!

Written by:
Alex Darwazeh
March 14, 2018

We are proud to share that MarlinSpike has been appointed as sponsorship partner of Antwerp Art, one of the leading Belgian cultural institutions with international standing and impact.

Antwerp Art celebrates the cutting-edge contemporary art scene of this vibrant city, and organizes the annual week-end event expected to attract up to 15.000 art enthusiasts from Friday, the 25th until Sunday, the 27th of May. Please join us!

‘’Like with our commitment to preserving the Oceans, we believe this sponsorship opportunity to be an excellent example of giving back to society, whilst at the same time pursuing our commercial objectives with credibility’’ - Alexander S. Darwazeh, CEO of MSB-Spirits.

MarlinSpike Antwerp Art Exhibition
‍Official Marlinspike advertising for Antwerp Art 2018


Geert van Hertum
‍Copyright Geert van Hertum


Carla Arocha and Stephane Schraenen will create the C2H6O themed installation at the opening night of Antwerp ART 2018, which will take place at the Gallery Pulsar


About Antwerp Art

Antwerp Art was created in 2014 as a non-profit organization to promote the contemporary Art scene of Antwerp, represents all major Antwerp museums, art dedicated non-profit organization, as well as galleries. It is supported by the Flemish Ministry of culture as well as the city administration of Antwerp. Unlike most other international modern art fairs, the mission of the organization is not only to promote established international icons such as Luc Tuymans, but also up-and-coming yet community endorsed young talent too. They therefore facilitate mentorship, primarily focus is to maintain a healthy biotope for sustained top quality output, and as a result stimulate a strong art scene based on community belonging and interaction. The reputation is worldwide and has a strong pull in the Benelux. Antwerp Art organizes once a year one week-end (this Year from Friday, the 25th till Sunday, the 27th of May) which attracts nearly 15.000 visitors, represents 60 participating galleries, the leading museums and and estimated 300 credible artists. This event is globally covered by the specialized media & broadcast.


About Gallery Pulsar, Frankrijklei 51, 2000 Antwerp

Since 2015, this independent artist-run space has made a name for itself with a range of exhibitions and projects that bypass both market trends and curatorial discourse. Pulsar has been a host to a range of collaborations involving upcoming and established artists from Belgium and abroad.

‘’To me the most important thing when organizing art shows as a gallery owner, is to trust the artists and therefore let them curate and design their exposition. I see myself more as as facilitator rather then a curator. My experience is that this approach brings out the the best in an artists’’ says Gallery owner David Wauters.
Seascape Creative by Arocha-Schraenen
The Seascape creative technique by Arocha-Schraenen will be applied at the opening night at Pulsar’s on Friday, the 25th of May.


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About MSB-Spirits

MSB-Spirits is a Belgian start-up initially created by Alexander S. Darwazeh, a former senior executive of AB-InBev, and several co- founders including Judith van Gestel, expert in client key accounting and production. 

“We were very lucky to enlist some of the best product experts in the industry, to create what seemed impossible to achieve at first.” says Alex.