Launch of MarlinSpike at Horecava in Amsterdam

Written by:
Judith van Gestel
January 4, 2018

MarlinSpike rum, the ultimate spirit to discover entirely new taste sensations, will see its global launch at the Horecava trade fair on January 8th, 2018 in Amsterdam. Finally, there is now also an exciting alternative to gin & tonic!

Dr. James Espey, OBE, will join us at Horecava on Jan. 8th & 9th. to support our launch. 

About MarlinSpike: blended aged rum, but not as you know it.

The ultimate spirit to discover entirely new taste sensations:

MarlinSpike's atypical 888 HighSeas blend offers the unique combination of refreshing drinkability and the right flavour complexity; allowing consumers to experience an entirely new taste dimension, even when simply savoured over ice. The blend also lifts existing rum cocktails, allows for the creation of entirely new mixed drinks and unexpected pairing opportunities., a leading food consultancy specializing in molecular analysis and matching different foods and drinks. MarlinSpike rum offers a molecular match with tonic that is better than most leading gins, yet with an entirely different and unique taste profile.

About MSB-Spirits

MSB-Spirits is a Belgian start-up initially created by Alexander S. Darwazeh, a former senior executive of AB-InBev, and several co-founders including Judith van Gestel, expert in client key accounting and production.

The initial founder Alexander Darwazeh, applied the critical consumer centric insights he gained when building Stella Artois to deliver MarlinSpike, a truly Blue Ocean brand proposition which could change the spirits industry dynamics. “I discovered that the rum category offers a very wide range of styles of product, with very flavourful types, produced in pot stills with more impact on flavour than any other spirit will ever give. We were very lucky to enlist some of the best product experts in the industry, to create what seemed impossible to achieve at first. It offers the ultimate balance of refreshing drinkability yet with depth and range of flavour, as well as a completely new taste profile. We will initially launch in the Benelux, the UK, and roll out the brand proposition gradually to the wider EU and other global markets. Barmen and consumers have responded with delight and excitement. Once you have tried MarlinSpike, the product really speaks for itself.” says Alexander Darwazeh.

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About Foodpairing

Aromas are the key drivers of our flavor experience and therefore crucial for the synergy of food and drinks. As much as 80% of what we call taste is actually aroma. operates one of the world’s largest ingredient and flavor databases. This unique, proprietary data is the basis of Foodpairing’s products and services. Their goal is to profile every ingredient in the world. Their ingredient pairing algorithm, used by chefs and bartenders throughout the world, is capable of calculating surprising food and drink pairings. They employ cutting edge molecular analysis for their scientific work.

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About Horecava

Horecava is the leading food and drinks trade fair of The Netherlands for the on-trade industry. More than 65.000 trade professionals from over 40.000 companies, mainly from the Benelux region, are in search of new trends, products and services.

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